elizabethplaid said: Speaking of Bruno Bettelheim, I remember from reading his book, he mentioned something about each person's favorite fairytale being a template for analysis on their own life. (Guess I need to re-read the book to remember exactly.) I found some of the themes of BatB related to issues in my own life, so Bettelheim's theory made sense to me.

I totally buy into this.

I used to take care of a particular young girl who was fixated on Cinderella. We’d re-enact the story over and over. Sometimes she was cinderella, being beaten down by her family but ultimately rising above them, sometime shse was the wicked sister, taunting Cinderella and just generally having a good time. This kid had crazy issues with her single mother, and she worked through a lot of them by role-playing Cinderella from different angles for years. Occasionally she would switch to Rapunzel, but most often, she wanted to be Cinderella versus stepsisters, sneaking out to the ball and out-dazzling them, or have me as Cinderella and herself as the powerful sister or mother forbidding me from going out.